ON THE LEFT: ‘The South Won the Civil War!’, cries Salon, and we must prepare for our new overlords.

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White men, racial resentment, the Bitter Majority, the Silent Majority, Nixon, and Trump, and the Civil War are all mentioned before we even get past the sub-headline in this article by Salon’s Paul Rosenberg:

Summing up, this paper clearly demonstrates that racial hostility was the dominant factor in the decline of Democratic power in the white South, while showing that a range of alternative explanations have only a marginal impact at best. It not only shows this for the 1958-1980 and 1958-2000 periods, which are its primary focus, but for the period starting with Truman in early 1948 as well, although not with a unified quantitative model across the entire period.
This should effectively put an end to the contrary arguments, but given how deeply white supremacy permeates our culture, I wouldn’t hold my breath. After all, clowns like Trump will always be highly motivated to deceive, there’s no shortage of accomplices to help them (like Harlem-based, Trump-endorsing pastor James Manning, who “once likened Obama, America’s first black president, to Adolf Hitler and has frequently said the president is secretly gay”), and millions of respectable white voters will be all too eager to be deceived.

Read the rest here: The South won the Civil War: White men, racial resentment, and how the Bitter Minority came to rule us all

From the Salon.com comments section

“As I scroll down through the front page of Salon to scan the articles- today I am counting 14 images of Trump! This has been going on everyday for some time now..I wish they would make some editorial changes.”
“You can keep telling them this until the cows come home, but they don’t want to hear it, if they could come right out and say exactly their position, it would be this: Shut up, do what we say, and vote for Democrats to keep conservative, corporate Clinton Democrats in power and in nice jobs. Otherwise, to hell with you.”
“Division is the indispensable tool of corrupting economic powers.  Racism is their asset; racism is not the tool of poor white men.  Indeed, it is a disease infecting poor white men, and a cure would be far more useful for them — and the rest of us — than repeated judgmental diagnoses.”

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