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ON THE RIGHT: No, the God of Christians and Muslims is Not the Same God


A professor at Christian Evangelical Wheaton College in Illinois was reportedly suspended for wearing a headscarf in solidarity with Muslims, but David A. French at National Review Online says it isn’t true; she was suspended for declaring that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. French expands on why the college was right- the God of Islam and Christianity is not one and the same:

Writer Trevin Wax states the blunt and plain truth: “God is not God apart from Jesus. It is pointless to try to define the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob apart from Jesus Christ.” In the Muslim view, however, Jesus is not God. Full stop. Reformation giant John Calvin said, “By their rejection of Christ, [Muslims] substitute an idol in his place.”
…Empty-headed love for “diversity” often depends on false presumptions of core commonalities. What we really want is an easy diversity — where people of all colors and sexual proclivities have essentially the same beliefs. Different religions would simply provide different flavoring, in much the way that salad dressing changes the taste of lettuce. But you’re still just eating lettuce.

Read the rest at National Review Online: Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God

 From the NRO comment section: 

“I agree with the theological points in the article and the comment, and think that the headline to French’s article says it all, really: “Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God.”
But there is still another sense in which the headline is true. Christians, while they may regret that not everyone accepts Jesus as their savior, would not dream – not these days, nor could they find support in the New Testament – of condoning the types of atrocities that radical Muslims routinely commit in the name of Allah. Nor would Buddhists, Jews or civilized Hindus.
Nor could I ever worship such a god. “Convert or die” goes against everything that is good about religion. Such ideology represents a barbaric death cult, not a faith or belief system worth taking seriously.”
“It is right and proper for a Christian college to insist on Christian teaching.
Otherwise, all college teaching swiftly devolves into Leftism, regardless of the subject being taught.
Islam, feminism, homosexuality, immigration: these are just Trojan horses.”
“All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” – Benito Mussolini
“By the way, the question “Do they worship the same God?” is very badly phrased, because it implies that someone who answers “No” is admitting that more than one God exists. A better question would be “Do they have the same definition of God?”

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