MIDDLE GROUND: The GOP has a foreign policy problem.


The GOP will take carpet bombing with some precision guidance on the side- and leave the bill with the tax-paying public!

Ok, enough of that; here’s some analysis of the GOP’s foreign policy problems from The American Conservative’s Daniel Drezner:

Ever since it became popular to accuse Obama of going on an “apology tour” or to assert that he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism (both of which date to his first year in office), Republican hawks have been railing against a mostly imaginary record. Even when there are genuine policy failures and horrible decisions that could and should be used against the president, hawkish critics have opted for the least credible and most preposterous lines of attack based on the fantasy record they have concocted.

Read the rest at The American Conservative: The GOP’s Foreign Policy Fantasy Problem

  From The American Conservative comments section:

     -The problem is not so much the candidates, although they all demonstrated their ignorance and the fact they are not qualified for what is probably the highest office in the world.
The problem is twofold: The Republican base that has been created by the party beginning with Lee Atwater. They are for the most part ignorant and like it that way. They are in favor of another Christian Crusade.
And then there is the Military Industrial Complex that sees dollar signs when there is talk of war.
     -The Neocon GOP would have the United States at war with Russia, China and Iran, simultaneously. The kind of talk you hear from them is insanity. Confront the Russians in Ukraine and Syria, shoot down their aircraft, arm Ukraine with nukes. Confront the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea. Show them who is boss!
This is not just irresponsible, it is insanity. Much of this insanity stems from the influence of the Religious Right, which sees every nation who might possibly be a problem as pure evil, which must be attacked, and attacked right now. No negotiations, no multi-lateral alliances, just the United States bombing the sh– out of anybody who disagrees with us.
The GOP has proved that it cannot be trusted with the Presidency any more. Just a bunch of right wing gerrymandered Congressmen from the deep south and midwest who want to bomb, bomb and then bomb some more. It doesn’t matter who we are bombing, just so long as we bomb somebody.
     -Since Americans have fallen off Obama’s Foreign Policy/ISIS Sled,the Chickenhawks are on the march again.The latest NBC/WSJ polling has only 37 percent of Americans approving of Obama’s handling of foreign policy and only 34 percent approve of his handling of ISIS and 73 percent say they want the next president to take a different approach than Obama has taken.

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