ON THE LEFT: everything’s coming up Paul Ryan for the presidency in 2020 and, no, it’s not too early

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Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce sees the future and it’s all full of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Specifically, Ryan’s help in keeping the government funded by ramming the current spending bill down the government’s throat (talk-radio parlance, if you will), as well as simply sounding like calm and measured adult amongst the current crop of overwroughtGOP nominees adds up to a likely run for the presidency in 2020:

After Ryan’s disastrous performance as the 2012 vice-presidential candidate, in which he couldn’t even carry his home precinct for the Romney ticket, the massive crush that the elite political media always has had for this Serious Man Of Policy went partially dormant. But, this week, when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced that, under his leadership, the House of Representatives has condescended to do its job, that crush has blossomed anew.
…Have we noticed that The Bar has been lowered to the point where you need one of those personal metal detectors even to find it? The House managed to present to the nation a budget, which is just about its only real job, and it managed to do so without stuffing it to the gunwales with lunatic talk-radio gabble. Fine job, Speaker Ryan.

Read the rest of this News & Politics article from Esquire here: A Few Words About Future Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan


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