MIDDLE GROUND: The Hill reports a rare sighting of bi-partisan governance

paul ryan

Riders and funding extensions, policy amendments and tax breaks, Reid/Pelosi vs. McConnell/Ryan; all that and more in The Hill’s report on the possible light at the end of the DC Metro tunnel. 

Both chambers last week passed a five-day continuing resolution, or CR, to buy negotiators more time to hash out an agreement that can pass through Congress and win President Obama’s signature. If lawmakers fail to act before Thursday, large parts of the government would shut down — a scenario both McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have vowed to prevent.
As some indication that the talks are bearing fruit, those leading the talks have appeared relaxed as they head to the finish line. Ryan and his kids, for instance, were spotted at Lambeau Field on Sunday for the Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys football game.

Read more at The Hill: Negotiators see $1.1T deal in site


From The Hill comments section:

     “rinos and democrats screwing Americans everyday….the fleecing of the taxpayer continues……for certain no one can trust a rino or a democrat…..the greatest nation on earth signing stupid budgets for 1 week to a month or so……politicians are soulless lying beings especially the democratics…..”
     “What? Planned Parenthood is still funded? Am I in some alternate world where republicans realized that’s a losing position?”
     “Obama has vowed to end 2 wars. Now we have 3 wars, 20 Trillion in debt, 52 Million people in poverty and on food stamps and ISIS striking us in the heartland.Thank you Obama and Democrats, you have failed.”

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