MIDDLE GROUND: Gloom & Doomers begone… 2015 wasn’t THAT bad


They say good news doesn’t sell newspapers (yes we know, just go with it), yet Reason.com and Fox Business News’ John Stossel is going to be optimistic anyways. If Reason.com is lucky, readership won’t suddenly plummet due to lack of  malaise.

Of course, depending on where you’re standing, not everyone will consider what Stossel says is good news is good news. But we’re to the end of 2015, so let’s all come together to always look on the bright side of life:

…The rich got richer. Some people think that’s a problem, but why? Do rich people sit on their piles of money and cackle about how rich they are? Do they build giant houses that damage the environment? Well, they sometimes do…
…This year we heard more horror stories about bad schools and students who don’t learn. But take heart: Seven more states passed education choice legislation…
…Unfortunately, terrorism has increased—mainly because of ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless, there are far fewer deaths from war and terror than there were 30 years ago, and in America, the odds of you or your family being killed by a terrorist are infinitesimal compared to disease, accidents and a thousand more-ordinary threats…

Read more of Stossel’s glass-half-full revelations at Reason.com: What Went Right in 2015


From the Reason.com comments section:

“I sure could use a little good news. Every time I read the Reason website, I find more things to get upset about.”





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